What is it?

The Usborne Illustrated UK Standard edition Dictionary 4 Life comprises 1,000 illustrations, 10,000 entries and 20,000 definitions printed in full colour on leaflet grade paper from a sustainable forest and contains 288 pages. Dimensions 170mm x 240mm. Weight 1 .2kg.

The International Low Cost Developing World - LCDW- edition (paperback) has the same content but is printed on lower weight paper and weighs 62kgs). Orders for minimum numbers are delivered free to the nearest seaport on routes from Dubai

What are the contents?

It has a user’s guide, parts of speech, writing English hints, English Today and a history of our language and recommended web sites. It includes the vocabulary of the Internet age. All the ‘rude’ words have been removed from the dictionary!

View a copy of the flyer «here» (opens as a pdf document in a new page).

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